International Trade Moves

For Western Australian Removals Companies

If you are a moving company that prides itself on quality service, and would like to be able to add door to door delivery internationally, now you can.

Transglobal Shipping and Storage provides a trade service to other removal companies. Here is how it works:

  • You meet or talk with your client to size the job
  • You provide us with the volume of the job in cubic metres, who is packing the boxes, destination address, and the pick up and delivery dates. You can do this via phone, email or via our website. We can also provide insurance if required.
  • We provide you with a trade quote at trade rates. You have saved us the cost of finding a customer, so we can pass the saving on to you.
  • You determine what price you want to charge the customer. As we bill you, the price you charge the customer for the entire job is up to you. We can provide a guide to what we would charge just in case you want some help in setting the price
  • Depending upon the size of the move, we can uplift from your depot, you can deliver to our Kewdale facility or we can load direct
  • We prepare the job so that it is ready for international freight and take care of customs requirements
  • We let you know when it is successfully delivered so you can keep your clients informed

Transglobal is here to help you provide a great service internationally to your customers. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.