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New Zealand is one of the busiest destinations that TransGlobal Shipping and Storage service. It is a country of natural and awe inspiring beauty so it is no surprise that many Australians choose to move to New Zealand, and many expatriate Kiwi’s choose to return.

TransGlobal Shipping and Storage can move you and the contents of your home to New Zealand cost effectively and efficiently.

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To receive your quote to move to New Zealand please visit our Fast Free Online Moving quote page. This quote form is a simple way for you to provide us with an inventory of the items in your home, and to identify any special packing requirements.

If you are moving up to 10 boxes, or a smaller house or unit, please take advantage of our International Shipping Quick Quote to NZ.

Transglobal Shipping are constantly working with customers that are moving to and from the North and South Islands of New Zealand, so are very familiar with all legal and customs requirements.

How We Help

TransGlobal Shipping and Storage can move any sized consignment economically and quickly to New Zealand and help at every stage of your relocation including:

  • having an extensive fleet of vans, trucks and shipping containers
  • helping you with planning and provide Moving Day Tips
  • taking care of insurance,
  • managing customs requirements on exit and entry and organise storage when and where required.
  • providing guidance on packing or can do this for you
  • providing moving boxes including specialist boxes for LCD TVs, pictures, clothes, wine and books (see our Packing Boxes)
  • managing the move every step of the way through to delivery to your new home
  • helping in setting up and unpacking, and removal of packaging material if you wish

Moving Your Car, Boats or Trailers to New Zealand

TransGlobal can organise transportation for your car, boat, trailer or other vehicles. Simply let us know the details and we will arrange for specialist transportation.

Please note that the New Zealand government seeks to limit the importation of older vehicles from overseas, which are designed to meet lower safety and emissions standards than newer vehicles. Used imported vehicles must therefore meet a number of international standards and this is determined during the entry certification process. A vehicle that was registered overseas is therefore not automatically able to be registered in New Zealand. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Useful Links – Moving to New Zealand

Here are some useful links to help you plan your move to New Zealand and to get established when you arrive.

Moving To New Zealand

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Need more information?

If you have any queries in regards to relocation to New Zealand, contact us today. We are more than happy to help with all your moving requirements.

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Women Power

New Zealand is a world-leader when it comes to equal rights for the sexes. It was the world’s first nation to introduce voting for women in 1893. It was also the first country in the world to have two consecutive female prime ministers and in 2006 become the first – and so far only – country to have its top positions of power filled by women when the Monarch Elizabeth II, Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright, Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias, Speaker of the House Margaret Wilson and Prime Minister Helen Clark all held office.