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TransGlobal Shipping and Storage has a wealth of experience moving to Saudi Arabia and can take care of all your relocation needs from an entire household of furniture to a number of boxes.


With our fleet of vans, trucks and shipping containers, we can move any sized consignment economically and quickly. We assist you at every stage from planning and packing through to delivery to your new home, setting up and unpacking, and removal of packaging material. With a network of business partners in Saudi Arabia, we ensure you receive the best level of customer service and local knowledge throughout the entire moving process.


When it comes to your possessions, we can take care of insurance, manage customs requirements on exit and entry and organise storage when and where required.

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TransGlobal can organise transportation for your car, boat, trailer or other vehicles. Simply let us know the details and we will arrange for specialist transportation.


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Moving to Saudi Arabia is not a move taken lightly but gives foreigners the chance to experience the culture of a country that is relatively closed off. This strict Muslim country will be a big change to newcomers as they get accustomed to local laws and culture.


Here are some useful links to help you with your move and which will also help you settle in when you arrive in Saudi Arabia.


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Discovering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia….

In general moving to Saudi Arabia is not a decision taken lightly and while it is rich in attractions and symbolism there are cultural factors to consider and respect when moving to Saudi Arabia.

As the birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and traditional in it’s customs. There are some strict regulations in society, especially involving dress and alcohol consumption is forbidden.

  • Daily life is surrounded by the Islamic influence, where Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day. Weekends are Friday to Sunday in Saudi Arabia due to Friday being the holiest day for Muslims
  • When greeting another person, Saudi men are known for their lengthy conversations when they meet another Saudi. They will ask about family in general and their health but they will never ask how another Saudi’s wife is doing as this would be seen to be very disrespectful
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear a black cloak called an abaya which covers their entire body except for their hands and face. Women also wear a face veil called a niqab. Foreign women in Saudi Arabia are not required to dress like this but they must cover their hair
  • The traditional dress worn by men is called the thobe. These are usually white in hot weather and can be darker in the cooler weather. Saudi men also wear a headdress
  • It is considered very rude to expose the soles of your feet or shoes to someone
  • Traditionally it is considered rude to eat with your left hand