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TransGlobal Shipping and Storage has a wealth of experience moving to Oman and can take care of all your relocation needs from an entire household of furniture to a number of boxes.

With our fleet of vans, trucks and shipping containers, we can move any sized consignment economically and quickly. We assist you at every stage from planning and packing through to delivery to your new home, setting up and unpacking, and removal of packaging material. With a network of business partners in Oman, we ensure you receive the best level of customer service and local knowledge throughout the entire moving process.

When it comes to your possessions, we can take care of insurance, manage customs requirements on exit and entry and organise storage when and where required.

Moving Vehicles, Boats and Trailers to Oman

TransGlobal can organise transportation for your car, boat, trailer or other vehicles. Simply let us know the details and we will arrange for specialist transportation.

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More than one quarter of Oman’s population consist of expats. If you are preparing for a move to Oman, then you are in for a rewarding experience both financially and culturally.

We may not be able to help you jump the airport queue or fast-track customs and immigration requirements for your family, but we can provide some useful links to help you with your move and which will also help you settle in when you arrive in Oman.

Moving To Oman

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The Capital

Muscat, which means “safe anchorage”, is the capital city in Oman. The sea continues to constitute a major part of the city.
It is a very distinctive port in that the goods there cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

There is a restriction on the height and aesthetics of the buildings and so the result is an extremely attractive and spotlessly clean city. The forts of Jalali and Mirani flanking Al Alam Palace are a particular attraction to note.

The greater city of Muscat does have some high-rise business properties, world-class highways and upscale suburbs.
Muscat is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination among the world’s travellers.